Fun Lash Fact!

Jun 27, 2017 | Daily Blogs

Fun Lash Facts! 1) Eyelashes protect our eyes from debris and dirt entering into them. 2) On average we have 200-300 top lashes and only 100 bottom 3) The longest eyelash ever recorded was 2.75 inches long!! The average length for most is 10mm. 4) We have tiny mites in out lashes that work to keep them clean and keep our follicles from becoming clogged. They are called Demodex. 5) Everyday we lose 3-5 lashes per eye. This is a natural shedding. The life of a lash is 3 months which is much shorter than the hair on our heads, this is the reason they don’t grow very long. Our hair on our heads has a life cycle of 3-7 years. #lessonfortoday #lasheducation #knowledgeispower #knowyourbody#xtremelashes